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Training Requirements (“Chapter 6”) and Logbook for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

UEMS-CAP updated the Chapter 6 statement of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 2012-2014 (Training-Requirement-for-Child-adolescent-Psychiatry-approved_by_UEMS_Council_April_2014-pdf) and also the logbook for European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry training (UEMS_Logbook_final__-_12-01-2014_-_no_password-pdf). These documents superseded the previous information produced in 2000.

They continue the tradition of "a bio-psycho-social developmental model in mind". Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists do more than investigate, diagnose and treat child and adolescent psychiatric conditions, but include, for instance, mental health promotion and preventive activities and advice on issues related to child-rearing, as well as the protection of the rights of the children and child advocacy in general. Trainees will be expected to acquire knowledge of and insight into the leadership role of the physician. The Log Book has been the most important document produced by the Board and has already proved important in helping new EU member countries to develop their own specialist training in CAP.

This edition of both documents has been approved by the UEMS Council in April 2014.The UEMS-CAP Board is currently considering the best way(s) to quality assure standards in CAP training across Europe as a result of the survey carried out in 2015.

In the UEMS-CAP section, two delegates from the EFPT are present to assure cooperation. More information on the EFPT can be found on their website http://efpt.eu.


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