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Working Groups

At our latest meeting, two working groups discussed the following themes:

1. Transition from child to adolescent to adult psychiatry. 

2. Recruitment of medical students for CAP training and retention of CAP specialists throughout their carreers.







The UEMS section also aims to achieve the following: developing links with organizations like ESCAP, IACAPAP, child section of WPA, WHO and relevant directories of the Commission directly or indirectly through the central Board of UEMS. Further aims of the Section are: continuing delineation of children and adolescent psychiatry from general adult psychiatry and paediatrics and upgrading and harmonisation of the training in child and adolescent psychiatry within Europe.

Our preivous developments are: 1. psychotherapy guidelines and 2. the establishment of three working groups. These are: Service Delivery and Quality Assurance (G. Spiel, C. Schaff, M. Tomori) Ethics (A. Alexandridis) Homepage (J. Tsiantis, G. Spiel, W. Leixnering)